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#my favorite things about spike and angel is that they’re occasionally mortal enemies  #who also know each other’s most embarrassing secrets  #they’re the best kind of ex-mortal enemies/colleagues who hate each other ever  (via wildehack​)

#the fact that when they finally got around to developing angel as a CHARACTER  #with a PERSONALITY  #and revealed that the reason he never talked is not bc he’s broody but because he’s just a DORK  #is just beautiful to me do u see why i liked this show so much  (via jaegermighty​)

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Wednesday’s picture arrived with a rather anodyne caption saying “staff from the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) celebrate after the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft (Mom) successfully entered the Mars orbit”.

But in reality, the picture was about much more than that - a bunch of smiling Indian women resplendent in gorgeous saris greeting each other as their male colleagues look on admiringly at mission control in Bangalore.


"There’s a girl checking you out."

Dean shifts in his seat at the bar, the back of his neck prickling. “Is she hot?”

Sam seems to consider this for a moment before replying with a slight smirk in his voice, “Oh yeah. Smokin’.”

"Shut the fuck up. She looks like ass, doesn’t she? I know your tricks, Sammy boy."

"No, man. She’s hot. For real."

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